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If you are in a relationship where you are genuinely happy, then you should know that there are a number of tricks that you cannot miss in order to rekindle the flame of love.One secret to any successful relationship is to remember important dates for the couple and to celebrate them.Visiting your wedding venue will take you right back to the place where it all began.Reminisce on the beginning of your life together and vow to continue making memories together for years to come.They do not have to be glitzy celebrations; sometimes with a detail is enough to let him or her know how much he or she means for us.

You’ll appreciate the beauty of the day (and your partner! Have you always wanted to visit the small town close by, but haven’t gotten around to it?For a change of scenery, consider pitching a tent at a nearby campground.Glamping or not, this rustic adventure is perfect for outdoorsy couples looking to spend some quality time together.It has been several springs since we decided to stay together and, with each passing day, I am more convinced that it was the best we could do.I love you like you have no idea and today, on our anniversary, I am willing to do anything to get you that smile that I like so much. “:: “I have waited for this day almost with a stopwatch in hand, because I could not overcome the emotion and happiness to be celebrating it with you.

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  1. With the Falcons holding a big lead over the Patriots Sunday, Bouchard tweeted that she "knew Atlanta would win." A fan then asked her to go on a date if the Patriots somehow ended up winning and in what must have seemed like a low-risk reply, Bouchard said, "sure." Her final tweet of the night was one of resignation, "Lesson learned.