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How delightful, how fascinating, how wondrous clouds become when seen from above (enough to distract from the trials of flying coach, at least for a few minutes). If you’re a creative, these moments are your raw material. If you can pin thoughts down and allow others to partake of their contours and evolution and unique beauty, you’ll be working at the top of your game.

Even as hard a nut as cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin disclosed an unexpectedly romantic soul, observing the familiar from top down: “What beauty.

In an 1802 lecture, he presented the outcome: the first scientific who’s who of clouds.

The names –“cirrus” (“a ringlet of hair”), “cumulus” (“heaped”), and “stratus” (“strewn”) — read like a roll call of minor Greek gods.

All too often I see businesses drastically slash their prices or run other insane promotions, that aren’t profitable, just to get more sales. I’m definitely an advocate for running promotional campaigns. You have to understand how people consume content, browse, and ultimately make purchases.

It’s just not always necessary if you’re trying to . In the last six months, If your business doesn’t have a strong mobile presence, you’re neglecting a huge share of potential sales.

This is the advantage of a drastically shifted perspective. Clouds don’t care whether they’re a cirrus or cumulonimbus, a unicorn or sailor’s delight. It’s only when we pay attention to them that we feel akin, shapeshifting, never quite the same from moment to moment. They’re a challenge to capture well, literally and metaphorically.

Instead, take a look at your channels for content distribution and sales platforms. Accommodating the needs of mobile users could end up being the cash injection your company is looking for.

I’ve got plenty of experience with this, so I can help steer you in the right direction if you don’t know how to get started. website: The left image is what their standard website looks like.

This gives your audience the pleasure of discovery, of dawning rather than blunt awareness.

Like a cloud, the idea can drift in stealthy, and gracefully drift out.

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I saw clouds and their light shadows on the distant dear earth.”If you’re stuck in your creative process, shift it.

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