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While some assumed she was his new significant other, no credible or definite reports confirmed their relationship afterwards.(With that extensive list of women he’s supposedly “dated,” Reeves could have very well held the door for this woman and the paparazzi would’ve declared her his new love!He said: “People have a misconception that you can deal with it and say, ‘It’s gone, and I’m better.’ They’re wrong. I miss being a part of their lives and them being part of mine. The actor also recently expressed his desire of getting married someday, however, he said that it will take time.I wonder what the present would be like if they were here – what we might have done together. Finally, in 2005, Reeves got engaged to Autumn Macintosh. The magazine contended that Craig introduced the two a few years back and was trying to get them to start dating because “sparks flew on set” when they recently worked together. The story was based on claims from an anonymous “source,” but Craig’s spokesperson told us on the record that it was completely made-up. The tabloid maintained that the actress had been crushing on her co-star “for years” and the two were exchanging flirty texts and emails. "Sandra Bullock Torn Between Keanu Reeves And Boyfriend Bryan Randall? The death of his girlfriend had a huge impact on Reeves.

was considered a “snore-fest” by some, while others believed it brought back to life how awesome action cinema could be.

Reeves is back in action and its caused people to become curious about his personal life. Since the late eighties until 2015, Reeves has been rumored to be in relationships with various women, including an engagement to Autumn Macintosh in 2005.

Other women Reeves has been rumored to have dated include a very lengthy list!

(If you’re wondering how the It looks like the actor is now single or very good at avoiding the paparazzi, after all, he puts a lot of hard work into training for his movie roles, so he must be busy!

Daily Mail reported September 2015 that Reeves was spotted in Los Angeles with a mysterious brunette.

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