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I believe they are as close as family are they not?

" Harry said noticing the look Sirius was giving the three black sisters and he could tell that Narcissa and Andromeda desperately wanted to speak with Sirius, while Bellatrix seemed amused."Of course, your majesty.

You boys be on your best behaviour with the future queens, am I understood?

" Dorea sent a pointed look at the four boys who gulped and then nodded while Harry turned to the three black sisters."You three have a good talk, come find me in the study when you're done," Harry said following Lord and Lady Potter, his grandparents, and Millicent Bagnold to the study at Potter Manor."You are quite generous your majesty; how can I repay you?

But the Goblins certified that he was and the goblins, while they can be vindictive, have always been honest in their dealings."Something on your mind dear?" Lily asked."I am going to contact my brothers and we will organise for us to move.Petunia, I know that you and Vernon Dursley had only just started dating, but you're going to need to tell him that we're going to be moving away.I think you broke them," Andromeda spoke up and Harry rolled his eyes."If you four gentlemen stay like that any longer, your backs are going to cramp and you'll have difficulty in finishing that map of yours if your backs are unable to support your upper body," Harry commented and the four boys looked up at him in shock to see his face amused."Wha-how did you… " James Potter spluttered out."I know all about what has been going on in Hogwarts, and outside of it as well.I spent a year before taking my Kingship to research and I know exactly who the four troublemakers of Gryffindor are," Harry said and the four paled even more before Harry tossed something and Remus only just managed to catch it."You're going to need to by a proper rune kit, by Vladimir Dracul, if you want it to have the effect required for your plans," Harry said and Remus opened the pouch to see it full of Galleons and the four boys looked at Harry like Christmas had come early."Your majesty, that is most generous of you," Charlus said, watching the interaction between the young King and his son and his friends."Lady Potter, perhaps we can talk in the private study while my three fiancés socialise with your son and his friends?

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Harry died at Hogwarts facing Voldemort, in the afterlife he find out information about his life which should have occurred and he is pissed. Hadrian Merlin Pendragon, King of Avalon and of all Britain.

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