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The screens are named with a two-letter designation, the first indicating the metering type (A for averaging, P for area metering, and S for spot metering), and the second indicating the style of screen, as listed below.

The standard screen supplied from the factory in F-1 bodies is the Focusing Screen FN-AE (averaging metering, New Split/Microprism style) for bodies shipped with an AE finder FN, and FN-PE(partial metering, new split/microprism style) for bodies shipped with an Eye Level Finder FN. The finder is removed from the camera, and the screen is then pried up using a fingernail along the silver rear edge of the screen.

The New F-1 is a manual-exposure camera capable of TTL full-aperture metering and stopped-down metering with the included Eye-Level Finder FN.

Both units add the possibility of shutter-priority auto exposure mode by setting the lens's aperture ring to 'A'.

The aperture needle disappears from the meter display, and the meter needle indicates what aperture the AE system has selected.

The optics are designed in such a way that the finder's image is visible up to 6 cm away from the eyepiece, enabling the photographer to use the finder even with glasses or goggles. Both Waist-Level Finders are useful in situations which require use of a low angle, or for copy work, photomacrography, or astrophotography. The Waist-Level Finder FN has a collapsible barrel and a flip-up 4.6x magnifier, while the 6x model has a 6x magnified image, and an integral diopter adjustment.

The New F-1 system also has 13 different focusing screens, in a variety of metering modes (center-weighted averaging, selective-area, and spot, though not all are available with spot metering), for a total of 32 different screens.

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