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Thus, the two workarounds are basically two ways to forcibly reestablish connections between the Mac OS X Mail application and the remote email server.Only users who have been effected by new mail not showing up reliably should need to bother with this, and if you haven’t noticed any issues so far then you’re probably not impacted.Apple has released several updates aiming to resolve the difficulties (particularly with Gmail), but many users continue to report issues with the once reliable Mail app on their Macs, and one of the more frustrating lingering issues is that new emails don’t consistently show up in Mail app for certain providers.This appears to be a connection issue limited to how the Mac Mail app interacts with specific email providers, which is why it’s not impacting every user.

If quitting and relaunching Mail isn’t reasonable, Apple has offered their own workaround to deal with the new mail issue until a future update comes out to fix the problem: taking the troubled account offline, then bringing it back online, thus forcibly reestablishing a connection between Mail app and the remote email server.

I had same thing tried everything, deleting accounts, adding again, turning off ipad numerous times.

I had open email on safari.i went back in and open the email again on safari and the actually logged out before X out.

Yes relaunching and re-checking a box is a little frustrating and can be a little tedious, but it does seem to work to resolve any problems with Mail app, as the automatic detection of mail account settings will adjust server settings to accommodate the Mail app configuration.

If you’ve completed this and OS X Mail app still hangs on launch but does not offer any obvious errors, your next troubleshooting step should be to rebuild the Mailbox as described here, which should resolve that issue.

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Restore the phone again, and this time, select the option "set up as a new phone".

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  1. IMPORTANT: New patches have been posted for software versions prior to v4.0.0, but those earlier than v3.8.0 are ONLY available for loading via USB at this time.