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He was stripped of his 2014 World Championships silver medal.“These few months have been tough for me,” Lee said, according to The Associated Press. Oliver seemed very knowledgeable about the pros and cons of different aspects of income insurance, and didn't seem to be biased towards one or the other.

Lee tested positive at the 2014 World Championships, where he won silver, for the banned substance dexamethasone, which is not performance-enhancing.As a result of changes the losses of bacchante products are abbreviated from over ripening, de growth, physiology diseases and spoilage, and also the food value of berry is saved.The terms of refrigeration storage of products are thus increased: to the vine - on 1-1,5 month, drupaceous - on 0,5 month, berries (depending on a kind and sort) - on one and more than weeks.The combined method of cooling of air through all of layer of berries retimed the best results, that brings to reduction of time cooling over of berries and increase of shelf-lives products on 15-20%.As a result of experiments shelf-life strawberry garden made 10 days, currant black - 20 days, currant red - 30 days.

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