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Consumers have filed more than 57,000 complaints about Equifax with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau dating back to 2012–an average of about 31 a day.And Standard & Poor’s downgraded its outlook on Equifax from “stable” to “negative” after the data breach was reported.The world learned on September 7 that Equifax had been the victim of a hack that exposed data on 143 million people to theft.Many, many people had no idea that Equifax even held their data, because the company vacuums up data from banks, credit card companies, and retailers.The section addresses companies withholding vital information from customers, which, between the end of July and September 7, Equifax did.The massive data breach was discovered July 29, but Equifax waited more than a month to report it.“The typical complaint about these businesses is generally around some kind of questionable activity,” says Kelly. When they complain, the company says they couldn’t see the dashboard ticket.

Hutt said a government action against Equifax could immediately and seriously lower Equifax’s rating.And the exposed data was notable for being unusually rich.In fact, the BBB’s own Howard Schwartz described the event to the as “startling” in scope.She says the BBB has so far not seen such a pattern of complaints from consumers about the data breach.But, she adds, it can take up to a month for such complaints to be processed.

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Meanwhile, it’s been reported by many that Equifax customer service reps often don’t know how to respond to a request to freeze one’s credit file (one of the only avenues of defense against Equifax for consumers).

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