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Both the Pew and the Davis-Fingerman studies show us that aging is not a barrier to seeking romance, and that younger and older adults share many of the same goals and ways of presenting themselves to potential partners.

“Even into very old age,” Fingerman, also a gerontologist, points out, “people share the same ideas about what makes them attractive.” Thus, words that emphasize being “likable” and “lovable” were seen in all dating profiles, from young to old.

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Both groups sought to emphasize their attractive qualities in search of both romance and sex.

Also read: Divorce after 50: What I wish I had known beforehand The self-presentations of older daters suggest that they are quite happy with their existing social connections, but are hoping to expand them.

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These findings added support to several key hypotheses they had about aging; namely, that older adults prioritize social connections, good health and positive emotional experiences.Such portrayals show midlife and beyond to be a dynamic and vital time, in stark contrast to the fears of decrepitude played on by too many items marketed to the aging crowd.For particularly egregious examples, just look at the popular birthday cards for ages 50 and above that emphasize themes of shock, surprise, consolation, denial or even put-downs about how aging sucks.This phenomenon tells us that the search for romance continues unabated with age, although there are differences in how we portray ourselves over time.For example, a recent study by aging researchers Eden Davis and Karen Fingerman at The University of Texas at Austin looked at 4,000 profiles of individuals aged 18 to 95 years old from two large online dating services.

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