Black and white dating in pheonix arizona

I've only been around people regardless of race, who see me as another human being. Hi Neosoul, Congrats on your relocation to Phoenix and I'm sorry it hasn't been the best experience for you so far.It takes people a while to adjust to any state if you only been there less than a year.And yes, as a white person, I can't relate to what it's like to be a black person in regards to skin color.That said, when you pretty much accuse everyone in a city of being racist, we have a right to respond....And I would caution you against judging every negative interaction as a racist interaction.Perhaps the mother just didn't want her kids bothering your child b/c he's just a little guy and she didn't want him to get hurt or riled up or something.

I dress nice, keep myself up, in shape, pleasant attitude so what the hell is the deal? I was so pissed, but I calmly told her "where I'm from, if someone behaved the way you just did, you would've got your ass whopped." Then my son and I were in a restaurant eating and there were kids sitting in the booth in front of us.I would suggest checking out Tempe, South Phoenix, Central Phoenix and the SE Valley Chandler, South Tempe. The Phoenix area is large and changing qucikly, and majority of the people are friendly by far.The West Valley and SW Valley such as the Laveen area has a growing population of AA families as well as Hispanic, White and every other race imaginable! Sometimes you have jerks, and people who aren't comfortable with themselves so they will make others around them feel awful as well.Perhaps you've run into a few racist people since your move.But there are racists everywhere, of ALL colors, not just white people and not just in Phoenix.

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