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Nina has served as an entertainment news correspondent for and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory in Toronto.

Other credits include JFL42, Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Sirius XM Top Comic, CTV, Tim Sim's Encouragement Award, Chicago Funny Women's Festival, She Devil Comedy Contest NYC, Toronto Sketchfest and CBC's Laugh Out Loud. Darragh has appeared in a number of other skits on Buzz Feed's channels including "If Netflix And Chill Were Honest," "When You're A Girl Who Loves Food" and "When Drunk Food Is The Best Part of Going Out." Darragh is also the star of the comedy web series Monroe is a rising comedy star who mines his laughs from life experiences such as growing up in foster care and bouncing around from one dysfunctional family to another.

Yoo Seung Ho is such an awesome talent, looking forward to when he is released from his military service end of next year. I don't want to forget the detective (Jo Hee Bong) wow, oh my goodness, I love this man..saw him in Good Doctor....again, wow, wow, wow...great acting. I look forward to seeing all of the actor(s) and actresses that took part in this movie in other works. Korean cinema has become a mature, refined and capable vehicle. I will confess that the lead actress, Kim Ha-Neul, is a breath taking beautiful woman. Normally known for cute / wholesome characters, Kim Ha-Neul plays a strong blind woman in the movie and she does it well.

Good luck in life and in career entire cast, directors and staff. It didn't take long before I didn't think of the person on the screen as actress Kim Ha-Neul, but the blind woman named Ji-Eun. Is there an ulterior motive behind the teenage boy's statement? The movie climaxes with a showdown between Ji-Eun and the killer. Similar to the impressive performance Soo-Ae gave in "Midnight FM," Kim Ha-Neul gives an equally powerful performance here.

So just imagine what it'd be like to dip your toe into the love pond on national TV—while a presiding team of funny people narrates the whole thing.The story itself is a tight script that has the viewer on edge throughout its runtime. The mysterious teenage boy played by Yoo Seung-Ho comes along and purports to have seen the killer and the car he was driving. I think fans of Korean thrillers in general will really enjoy "Blind" and fans of Kim Ha-Neul's past films will walk away impressed by seeing this other side of her acting talents.As Ji-Eun is a major witness to a crime and must help the police locate the killer ... I had a great time during the Puchon International Film Festival and "Blind" was certainly one of the highlights.With a very honest, open approach to storytelling and an engaging personality, Martin effortlessly turns his childhood of hard knock experiences into comedy gold.Monroe made his TV debut in 2014 on the 8th season NBC's Shapel is an American comedian who has performed in front of thousands of audiences around the country.

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