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Boonex Dolphin also comes with native apps for IPhone, IPad and Android devices.

Many people are now turning to Smartphones and tablets as their main medium for viewing the Internet.

most of it can be done via Admin Panel and access to source code is available for even deeper modifications.

Social networking permeate through the entire community site and drive engagement.

The most important thing that you will get from Boonex Dolphin is unlimited potential.

Friends connections build your site’s social graphs network and define content flow. The website layouts is fully responsive and tap-friendly.In fact the power of the platform comes from the user friendly interface and the ability to easily change the look and the functionality of your Social Community using modules and templates either from the Boonex Marketplace or found over the web.Boonex Dolphin is supported on every single package we offer and our Technical Support Department will assist you with every issue you might experience with the platform.Good chat can be the most active place for community to hang-out. Based on Web RTC technnology, Chat created direct peer-to-peer connection between users, minimising load on your server.Fully mobile-friendly, responsive, fast and scalable.

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  2. Another amazing feature is you can also record whole video chat. It is also available for different devices including Android and i Phone. Recently they started video chat system within there social media platform. It has become popular because we trust Google on the bases of security and quality.