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Skip Deployment Type=YESDeployment Type=NEWCOMPUTERThis formats the HDD and does not save user data.Skip Domain Membership=NOJoin Domain=DOMAINDomain Admin Domain=DOMAINYou can prepopulate this to save some typing when telling the setup what domain to join.The Domain DC value has to be something that the Win PE 'install' can resolve.The Staging OU is where you want your machine to be housed on a temp basis so that you can get around any policies that may cause you heartburn with doing installs.Deploy Root=\MYSERVER\Deploy$The server share where you have your deployment point at.User Domain=DOMAINThe domain that the below User ID is a part of that let's you have access to the above Deploy Root folder.For me the generic Computers OU would not work, I had to make a different one -- but more on that in another post.Skip BDDWelcome=YESGets rid of the 'hi welcome to the deployment click next to do anything useful' screen.

Admin Password=THEPASSWORDPut what you want here for the admin password.Skip Package Display=NOShow what packages get installed and allow the person running the build to check off what gets installed.Skip Locale Selection=YESUILanguage=en-USUser Locale=en-USKeyboard Locale=04000409Lookup these values if you need them to be different.To skip the Welcome Wizard: Let suppose that we only have and need one task sequence job – lets automate this step as well Changes will be a bit easier this time, hence we don’t need to update the ISO or PXE media each time – we are now working with Custom The great part of working with Custom is that there is no need to rebuild boot media – changes are effective immediately – go ahead and give it a try When you boot your client again with the latests additions, we have arrived at Move Data and Settings: Here is a snip of my Cusom and – yours should look similar to this Custom [Settings] Priority=Default Properties=My Custom Property [Default] OSInstall=Y Skip Capture=YES Skip Admin Password=YES Skip Product Key=YES Skip Computer Backup=YES Skip Bit Locker=YES Skip Task Sequence=Yes Task Sequence ID=IW10ETPX64 Skip Computer Name=Yes Skip Domain Membership=Yes Join Domain=Client Machine Object OU=OU=Staging, DC=Client Geeks, DC=com Skip User Data=Yes Skip Locale Selection=Yes Skip Time Zone=Yes Keyboard Locale=04000409 User Locale=04000409 UILanguage=en-us Time Zone=004 Time Zone Name=Pacific Standard Time Skip Summary=Yes _SMSTSOrg Name=Client #day(date) & “-” & month(date) & “-” & year(date)# _SMSTSPackage Name=%Task Sequence ID% Bootstrap.ini: [Settings] Priority=Default [Default] Deploy Root=\MDT01\Deployment Share$ Skip BDDWelcome=YES User ID=svc-mdt-install User Domain=Client User Password=Password1 Have fun deploying! We are now blogging as part of the new Configuration Manager blog on the Microsoft Tech Community located here: Manager Blog Join us there for announcements and best practice posts from the MDT team.

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SLShare=\\COMPUTER\logs$Where some logs will be saved at on a network machine if you want them to be. Staging OU=OU=Vista Test, DC=DOMAIN, DC=ad, DC=SCHOOL, DC=edu Domain DC=

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