Bret michaels still dating teya

I have learned when there's 'drama' and it needs to be brought to the attention of a male, it need to be kept as black and white/simple as possible because once you get into your 'feelings' about the drama, it goes in one ear and out the other. And am I mistaken or did Brittania say that she is a mom as well? I am not sure why, but I always walk away from this show feeling bad, like somehow just watching, I have brought myself to their level and I feel, well, dirty, abused and somehow lesser of a person. I personally think that he was getting jealous of how close Ashley and Farrah were becoming. The show has portrayed her to have nothing to offer; their one on one times have made me snore. But remember, for Bret, that "friend zone" is the kiss of death.

Bret probably thought that soon enough Ashley would become more attracted to Farrah than she is to him (there is a small resemblance there! If he starts finding you amusing or liking your conversations, he suddenly can't imagine having sex with you (and what else do you do in a relationship).

When I said, "It's between 'I Love Money' and 'Rock of Love'," I thought my dad was gonna disown me and my husband was going to die of embarassment! Wow, it looks like our boy Bret might actually be thinking with the right head this time? Last night, Wikipedia was showing what was either an insider information chart (badly done) or someone's best guess at the future.

Of course, this was BEFORE the days of Tool Academy... Either way, whoever put it together thought Mindy had moved to the shotgun position -- but the chart is back to normal now.

Bret cannot publicly stand women who aren't catty and hateful.

My husband sat across the table, pleading with me with his eyes to lie and say something respectable. That should've clued Bret in on some of these girls as well.At this point, people come on VH1 reality shows for the same reason they appear on The Real World: to get on the perpetual appearance cycle and work their way up their own dating show -- where no one will be interested in them either. There was a Mindy, but I couldn't tell you much about her. There are about five more that need to go before my eyes and ears won't bleed while watching. about halfway through the FIRST episode bret narrates...."this first day was something"....i thought that was only the FIRST freakin day???? heres why i give bret some the world does he manage to sound so sincere NOW 3 rocks of loves later when he looks into these crazy womens eyes and says "i understand"...i literally laugh out must be a great i'll keep watching because its still cringeworthy.mollytv And this week, Bret took a giant step backwards and went back to keeping people for drama. What a moron, dying when I'm trying to do something... I should go down there and kill his widow and kids: then there would be no one left to write those stupid letters, and Bret would pay attention to me again. Luckily for us, Bret made a good decision, and pierceyface will make good tv next week when she throws a punch at Heather! That woman is way to self-absorbed to have noticed him by herself. So if Ashley claws, punches, and ignites her way to F2, who's next to her for our good vs. Taya still has an outside shot, but her odds are dropping fast.She kind of got lost in the flood of people serving drinks from various portions of their anatomy.'Shot-bearing hips.' Well, if that's what you're looking for someone to give birth to... As the Penthouse pet said, it's a sad state of affairs when she's the most normal one there. Still trying to figure out how the blue bus wound up being more-or-less sane. Gia "Gee what a handy way to hold a test tube shot AND keep both hands free" and Nikki "Gee standing up straight while this tanked is hard" have forever burned their image in the DAWs Hall of Fame. It looks like next week's confrontation is Heather vs. I think we have to give Heather the edge on this one.Did you get the impression that Ashley doesn't watch a lot of reality television? This explains those interviews Bret was giving last month where he was basically telling Jennifer Aniston to give him a call as soon as that whole Jon Mayer publicity stunt fizzles out.Anyone who's bothered to catch a VH1 series -- or just about any romance show for any network -- would know your past almost always gets trotted out at some point. He's really only shown mild interest in Mindy and Jamie (who looked like a pirate skeleton this episode)and pretty much mild distate for the other two.

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