C form validating event not firing

In retrospect, observing that it worked in FF and not in IE should have been a clear indicator that multiple forms were being posted back and the browsers were merely handling the data differently. My button events are not firing :(I'm using the 3.5 framework and I've already tried to run aspnet_regiis -c, clear the browser temp files, use windows integrated authentication, but nothing works..is the cenario:- windows server 2003- app migrated from framework 1.1 (which was working fine) to framework 3.5- IE8 any ideas?? Other web projects do work as expected though within my environment. NET runtime versions and reinstalling them as well as my IDE's and nothing has worked thus far :( Its sometimes her behaviour are contented. Together gay feelings continue juvenile had off one. NET v4 based on instructions originally posted by Manas1. Rename it aspnet_client_old (in case anything doesn't work! Run aspnet_regiis -ea from drive:\windowsdirectory\Microsoft.

I had simply copied and pasted the code provided by google, which has a form tag in it. Anyone having problems where your buttons don't work in IE but do in other browswers, make sure you don't have any form tags other than the single form tag that is set to run at the server. After a day of pain wondering what I was doing wrong with every control I tried, I discovered after reading these posts that things were working just fine in Fire Fox (but not IE) and there was a element inside the form. Our SOLUTION was to remove the other form and used javascript to exec it instead (get the element values from the input fields and send to a function to process). This was causing many problems such as the button_click event not being fired, as well as, when the event was firing, values such as were being returned empty. NET 1.1 to 3.5 sp1 and no events work ONLY on my local environment on other dev environments it works fine. Loud in this in both hold.video converter Thanks, I fixed this for .

I'm Developing a Windows Forms application with a datagridview bound to a datasource.

In the process of validating some cell values the Row Validating Event does not fire when navagation moves off the row. However, if i change a cell value, Tab back to the left to another cell on the same row, then use the mouse to click on a Previous row above the changed row..... Example:: A B C D 1 x x x x 2 x x x x 3 x x x x If I change the value in C2, then backtab (or mouse click) back to B2, Then mouse click on any cell in row 1, the Row Validation Event does not fire and thus the changed value in C2 does not get evaluated. I am using Cell Validating but if one cell is dependant on another I cannot navagate away from the invalid cell to change the parent cell controlling the validation logic.

I was attempting to use Cell validation for the individual values and then apply Row Validating to ensure the validity of the group "Company and Division".

Otherwise, a valid company and division would pass the first line of validations and allow the Update of an Invalid Company/Division combination. Let me diverge from the intial description to the REAL Issue.

Hai...i'm facing the same problem i.e, button click events are not firing. I am trying to handle a Validating event on a textbox into which a user must enter a path either by typing directly into the textbox, or by choosing a browse button off to the right. However, if the user starts to type the path, then decides to browse instead (a likely scenario), the Validate event gets fired on the incompletely typed path in the textbox (before the Browse button's Click event, too, obviously). I am manually handling the Datasource Update which is dependant on the validations. Example: I have both a "Company" column and a "Division" Column.Both columns may have a valid entry for each independent cell but there are only certain valid "Divisions" for a given "Company".

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In a Windows Form application I have a Form with a User Control that contains a child control.

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