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The word camera comes from camera obscura, which means "dark chamber" and is the Latin name of the original device for projecting an image of external reality onto a flat surface.

The modern photographic camera evolved from the camera obscura.

The Super 8 format, still 8 mm wide but with smaller perforations to make room for substantially larger film frames, was introduced in 1965.

Traditionally used to "tell the camera" the film speed of the selected film on film cameras, film speed numbers are employed on modern digital cameras as an indication of the system's gain from light to numerical output and to control the automatic exposure system. The higher the film speed number the greater the film sensitivity to light, whereas with a lower number, the film is less sensitive to light.

However these categories overlap as still cameras are often used to capture moving images in special effects work and many modern cameras can quickly switch between still and motion recording modes.

The lens of a camera captures the light from the subject and brings it to a focus on the sensor.

It was used for nearly all film-based professional motion picture production.

For amateur use, several smaller and therefore less expensive formats were introduced.

The still image camera is the main instrument in the art of photography and captured images may be reproduced later as a part of the process of photography, digital imaging, photographic printing.

The similar artistic fields in the moving image camera domain are film, videography, and cinematography.

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