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He had met his match online and came to China to claim his bride. I told them I would buy the home but wanted to see some paperwork on the house I would buy and the one they would give me.”“And? They said that in China trust was important and that he had to prove his trust.I asked Jack if he could give me the low down on Chinese marriage sites. One way of doing so was to hand over a few hundred thousand dollars to the family of the bride.

“Her parents wanted money for a house,” he tells me. These people were royalty…”I interrupt and say that China has no royalty.“In the past, you know maybe they were Mongolians or something.” He stares, I nod. I buy them a house and then they give one back to me after the marriage.”“Why not just call it even? If you buy them a house and then they give you one, it makes no sense.”“That’s what I thought. So I was like ‘hey I want to see some rights of ownership and such.’”“How much was the house? Larry is the one who had to fill in for the groom at a Chinese wedding.Once the guy nibbles, the cyber-pimp swings into action.The foreigner takes an interest in a woman, but is having trouble communicating.While some men may actually find their next wife this way, a measure of caution should be advised.There is a cottage industry of women who dedicate their time to chatting with foreigners, zipping off letters after dousing them in perfume and promising never ending love.

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And if you are that desperate, forgo the agency and just come to China.

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