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And the survey found that one-third of Jewish millennials believe “God desires a personal relationship with us.”Some of the findings depart from the Pew study of four years ago.Pew found far lower rates of synagogue attendance among Jews aged 18 to 29, and a much lower percentage of respondents said religion was important to them.“I was not willing to just write them off entirely. We know religion is changing, we know parameters of identity are changing, so why would we expect different generations to look exactly the same?”The data on Jesus might be especially surprising to Jews who, if they agree on nothing else, believe that Jews for Jesus and its “messianic” philosophy are beyond the pale.The study surveyed 599 Jews born from 1984 to 1999.

They are proud to be Jewish, but don’t feel that contradicts with practicing other religions.

All we can ask for is an open mind to engage with the Bible, engage with the culture and look at the possibilities.”The survey, which was published this week, is mostly composed of the standard questions: how often do you pray, how do you feel about Israel, do you date non-Jews and the like.

Much of it is a millennial-focused version of the Pew Research Center’s 2013 study of American Jews.“They are free-thinking and flexible in their spiritual and religious identity, yet they gravitate toward formal customs and ancient expressions of faith,” the survey’s introduction reads.

Almost a quarter of Jewish millennials attend religious services once a week, according to the survey, and one in three prays every day.

A majority says “God loves people.”Ari Kelman, a Jewish studies professor at Stanford University who was interviewed as part of the report, said the study suggests a cohort distinct from all others.“These don’t look like Jews I recognize,” he said of the millennials surveyed.

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