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If you have heard any abnormal noises coming from your computer, such as a high squealing sound, it could be an indication of a fan malfunction.If you find that the fan in the power supply is not working correctly or at all, and the power supply is very hot to the touch, you may need to replace the power supply.For example, waiting for over 30 minutes for your PC to update during office hours can be a big inconvenience.There are other times that you might also need to shut down or reboot quickly and updates will only slow this down.They can be postponed max to end of sixth day after downloaded and prepared (depends on update) by selecting restart or shut down without updating from the shutdown menu.

It is not for computers that turn back on (restart), computers that shut off immediately upon powering up, or computers that do not turn on at all.

Most computers today are designed to turn off automatically if any of its inner components overheat.

Often, heat related issues occur when the computer is working hard, e.g., playing a graphically intense computer game.

These options will then be unavailable about a week, the same maximum time period Restart options in Settings If you don’t want to install updates you can choose the normal restart or shutdown from the start-shutdown menu or the Alt F4 menu or from the Lockscreen-Shutdown menu. The methods below work for both critical and non-critical updates.

Windows temporarily stores updates in a folder and installs them at your convenience or on shutdown or restart.

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