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Alternately, try burning the songs to a CD and re-importing them as MP3 files.i Tunes is a multimedia software from Apple which organises and plays audio and video.This will move all your i Tunes media files, from wherever they are stored on your computer, to the i Tunes folder.Thus, after you consolidated your i Tunes library, all your i Tunes contents will be stored in a single place.

Deleting the original files after consolidating or simply moving all music or video to one or two files may be a better solution in some cases.i Tunes M4P is an encoded audio file format which limits the number of computers that can share a given file.MP3 is a much less restrictive file format that features similar sound quality.The disadvantage to consolidating only becomes a problem when you have limited storage space.Having multiple copies of the same file may take up more space than is necessary, and if hard drive space is limited, this may become an issue.

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In addition to joining the tracks on each CD, you want to merge the CDs.

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