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' and it just doesn't work that way," he says."It's the equivalent of walking up to a stranger in a bar and saying 'hey, wanna fuck'?And then you go through a lull when someone leaves, or the woman who is the focus of the most attention will leave, and everyone else starts to cam off and leave too."Kirk can't believe how many men – still – expect instant gratification.

That's not a term often associated with depression or obsession, two conditions in which you forget how to play.In fact, mood is as contagious online as it is offline."There's a momentum that happens," he says."You'll see a lot of cams up, lots of women playing, a little free-for-all.It sounds harsh, but it's what keeps a core of 30 or more regulars returning to the room, week after week."Women have told me they like to come to our room because we don't mess around," he says.Getting booted is not the end of your cybersex chances.

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  2. She has also been accused of recording conversations without being prompted and sending them to strangers. Sim Simi, an AI conversation program created in 2002, was accused of defamation after it insulted a former Prime Minister of Thailand.