Dating a felon Cam sex chat without regersation

M told me that he was but at one time but had graduated a while back.I told her to be careful and that I really didn't want the kids to be around him.And on the way out, if you feel like being a kind human you could tell him, “I’m out because you aren’t able to be transparent about this.

She came up pregnant at the time of the affair with our 4th child.

Hey Wendy, I've been dating a new guy and we’ve been on three dates in the last week. Problem is, I can't seem to find his record to confirm the charge. Given that he’s a felon and has told this story over and over and over again for the past seven years, if you bring kindness and compassion to the conversation, he should hopefully be able to handle it with grace and transparency.

He's told me that he genuinely cares about me and I appreciate his honesty thus far. I offer instead that you bring this problem to him to help you solve.

M said that she didn't know much about him but was getting to know him through the church.

The church she goes to runs a rehab program so I asked her if he was part of the program.

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