Dating a girl with a baby daddy

and about to take him shopping and then I asked what he had on that ticket and he hung up, sob aint called no more.

you may say I was wrong but say playa you aint taking care of ya kid it aint my fault. but you aint got no say so when ya a deadbeat no count daddy homie none at all......

I mean hes so lazy he wont even do the things that you're not supposed to do for money.

He wont even sell drugs, steal car stereos, or anything. I don't know what to do because the problem is that we have never met face to face.

They haven't been together for 9 months and he swears up and down that they're together.

He calls her everyday and leaves voicemails callin her baby, and everything.

Now I use the term "Baby Daddy" A term which I hate btw, because this dude is just that!

I've met a lot of dead beats, but this guy is the true definition of it.You know the name of the game fool yo babys mama chose me now we can handle it like gentlemen or we can get into some gangsta sh88t dont let the smooth look fool ya boi my dad didnt raise no punks and my mama didnt raise no ***** so if we gonna do it do it....Hey I hope you read this, even though this was posted a while ago.When she drops her son off, if she forgets to leave her purse at home, he'll find a way to steal her wallet somehow because he likes to act like he's going to get his son out of the carseat, but actually sit in the front seat and harass her.Sometimes he tries to take the keys out of the ignition, etc. Of course since he has no job, he has child support ordered on him, but hasn't paid a dime.

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