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If you have a leading O (Oh) serial number on a frame with Reynolds 531 stickers, please contact me (Skip).

This applies only to serial numbers in the form LNLNLNN where the first letter is an O (Oh).

"Rub the area with candle wax of a color that contrasts with your paint. Note that even with the serial number filled with wax, the leading "0" is almost imperceptible."Before late 1980, Trek used an alphanumeric serial number scheme.

Each seven-character number consists of three letters mixed with numerals.

It has Sun Tour dropouts, and had a partial tubing sticker that included the text "TENSION BUTTED". Several frames with a leading serial letter of G have been reported with Columbus tubing stickers.

TX700 frames were available as special order, with Columbus tubing instead of the specified Reynolds 531. However, this model did not appear in any of the Trek brochures on this site. Serial numbers beginning with M or N (41X and 61X bikes or frames) seem to have a different meaning for what normally is the year digit.

The other place Trek (or their subcontractors) stamped the SN is at the lower end of the seat tube.

Many early Trek bottom bracket shells have a one or two letter code stamped separately from the serial number.

At some time late in each year (beginning generally September or October) the frames produced were created from designs, and painted with colors, for the next year. In this case I used a red candle to make the serial number stand out.Alternatively, the letter extends the range of the character from 0 to 9 (if a number) to 1 to 26. There is no Model 310 in the brochures on the site; however, a frame has been reported that has Ishiwata high tensile double butted main tubes with the SN A4F9H67. According the the SN, it apparently was made in June 1979, after the TX300 is no longer in the brochures, but no similar frame is listed.Another small mystery; for now we'll call it a 310.These serial numbers apparently do not follow the year convention used for other Trek models.It is likely these frames, SNs beginning with M or N (Models 41x and 61X), were contracted out or were made in a separate Trek facility, and were given the old serial number form so as not to interfere with the sequential numbers being assigned by Trek in their main shop, which began in late 1980.

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