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Image: 1960s stamp three dots circled The upper portion of the stamp goes through different changes over the years.Much discussion has centered on the presence/absence of "the three dots", as the way to tell a 50s cymbal from a 70s cymbal. But the presence/absence of the three dots doesn't provide the oft claimed distinction.That will move your browser window into the gallery and place in on that entry.If you look up in your browser in the place where you type in a URL (link) you will see that the link ends with a # followed by some word.As we work through the decades, the current ink styles will also be shown.Ink stamps (model/weight class) I've seen on older (50s or earlier) cymbals: PAPER THIN EX.According to Jeansonne, "The Turkish writing at the top of the trademark reads Son of Cymbalsmith", but in their trademark application (registration number 3285622) Avedis Zildjian themselves say: In the Zildjian factory the wall is painted with the decoded Ottoman: Image: 2010 Ottoman decode Before I found the image above, I was working on decoding it as Avedis Zildjian (in RL script, two lines). I'll update if I get further, but for now it looks like I missed the Company section.Image: Incomplete Ottoman decode Note that Rob Scott gives an example in Arabic and also reports that the upper portion says Avedis Zildjian, although he doesn't decode this one letter at a time.

The first part of this time is mostly about changes in the trademark stamps, but once you get past 1978 you will see more about the ink logos and how they changed over time. Once you get into the late 1970s (and ink becomes more of the focus) I've tried to find consensus dates for these changes.

But they did have model and weight ink designations.

It's just that most older cymbals have had the ink removed by cleaning.

Try it out now by clicking on this direct link to the Hollow Ink Logo entry In order to identify the era of a trademark stamp you must look closely.

The general anatomy of the stamp is that there is an upper section which is stylized Ottoman text (often referred to as Arabic, or "the squiggly bits"), and a lower section in English.

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