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But we just said to them in passing when we first started, we want the records to be available to everyone, including those kids like us, because it was tough for us to find music that we liked. They want you to cuss everybody out, become alcoholics, whatever. I just don’t think that’s what we are or what we do.

And we really started writing music because of that.

SB: And religion can be polarizing, but music is what brings us all together.Needtobreathe are something of an anomaly in the current pop-music landscape.Despite an absence of mainstream radio support, the Charleston, South Carolina, foursome has built a massive live following and released increasingly higher-charting albums.So probably anything we do on the records, even if we’re trying to make a rock record, ends up more rock live. You used to be a Carolina band.” And I was like, “I don’t know what Carolina band means.” We still are – we didn’t move or anything.So for him, that must’ve meant acoustic guitar or something. That’s the problem with that term [“Christian”] – it’s confusing.

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