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There’s not a lot of concern with what she should be when she grows up or how to define herself or her life purpose, because everything she puts her hand to just feels like part of the bigger picture.For some reason, even with all this, Libras aren’t often accused of being dilettantes or treated like space flakes, because they’re always doing something – or usually several somethings.A sense of symmetry is essential tothe personality of Libras, who loathe feeling out of balance.They might study feng shui and remove any offending items from their flowing abode.She might spend years in her twenties and even into her thirties bopping from idea to idea, doing a lot of freelancing, starting little projects that eventually fizzle out, and generally just being queen of the side hustle.Despite this, she’s always working steadily, and it never really seems like she’s flailing.

Even when going for a laid-back style, a Libra can easily dress it up and translate her space into a nonchalant glamour that feels very polished and yet totally unpretentious.Libra ladies have a reputation for being the quintessential “manic pixie dream girl” of the zodiac, the kind of woman who is always up for a wild and playful adventure, even if it’s just hitchhiking over to the local carnival to eat candy-apples and ride on the Ferris wheel.She wants to take pictures in the vintage photo-booth while smooching you and making silly faces, she wants to blow bubbles in meadows of wildflowers, and she wants you to fall in love with her.Libra parenting is a fun mix of humor and curiosity, and a Scales mama will always treat her children like the independent people they are, which engenders confidence and a strong sense of self in her progeny.It may take a while for a Libra woman to settle into a career path and find her groove.

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