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You’re given matches each day – based on your Facebook profile details – but can only “like” up to 6 at a time.This induces you to take a longer, more focused look at each person you get matched with.Better matching leads to better dates, and that’s what e Harmony is all about.

Neil Clark Warren came to believe that there was a better way to finding love than letting luck determine your fate. Warren observed that if people were matched based on compatibility they would have more satisfying relationships.

It also helps you pace your communication with your matches, so that each of you remains comfortable and things don’t move too quickly.

On the other hand, the lengthy value questionnaire and the slow, guided communication process can seem like frustrating roadblocks when you already know what you’re looking for and want to jump right into matching and open communication.

e Harmony is also one of the more expensive dating websites to use – though its prices have dropped in recent years – with subscriptions costing between and per month, based on how long you want to commit to the service.

If you’re looking for sites like e Harmony that both give better value-for-money and are better for short-term dating, we recommend is often touted as e Harmony’s biggest rival, with a large user base from over 25 countries around the globe.

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