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YEAR SERIAL NUMBER YEAR SERIAL NUMBER YEAR SERIAL NUMBER1914 246892 to 246895 1922 400000 to 400014 1945 WW II1915 to 255000 1923 to 400055 1946 to 4027971916 to 273400 1924 to 400195 1947 to 4028331917 to 278500 1925 to 400473 1948 to 4028981918 to 279000 1926 to 400874 1949 to 4032221919 to 306000 1927 to 401181 1950 to 4034061920 to 306800 1928 to 401591 1951 to 4036571921 to 344100 1929 to 402006 1952 to 4037491922 to 344200 1930 to 402331 1953 to 4039231923 to 344215 1931 to 402464 1954 to 4040881932 to 402535 1955 to 4041741933 to 402551 1956 to 4042161934 to 402554 1957 to 4043711935 to 402586 1958 to 4044851936 to 402594 1959 to 4046311937 to 402632 1960 to 4047901938 to 402674 1961 to 4049141939 to 402706 1962 to 4050411940 to 402719 1963 to 4051671941 to 402747 1964 to 4052691942 to 402789 1965 to 4053451943 WW II 1966 to 4053891944 WW II 1967 to 4054241968 to 4054561969 to 2404054891970 to 2404055161971 to 2404055311972 to 2404056011973 to 2404056241974 to 2404056551975 to 2404057041976 no production1977 to 2404057171978 no production1979 to 2404057231980 to 240405737*Interchangeable barrels began with serial number 855000.Unique serial number sequences were established for special edition and commemorative Model 37 and Model 87 guns.The number of recovered and subsequently sourced firearms correlate somewhat to the flat number of recovered firearms in the top ten states: The source state is statistically most likely to also be the recovered state.For example, 81.7 percent of firearms sourced to their first point of sale, whenever that may have been, in a Texas retailer were recovered in Texas in a 2016 investigation.MODELS,, S ERIAL NUMBERS ANDMANUFACTURING DATES FOR ITHACA GUNSR eprinted with express written permission from Walter Claude Snyder ’ s books “ The Ithaca Gun Company F rom T he Beginning ” and “ I thaca Featherlight Repeaters:: The Best Gun Going:: A Complete History of the I thaca M odel 37 and the M odel 87 ” .© A ll rights reserved,, copyrighted , no material with in this document may be copied or distributed in any way without the expr ess written permission of the author , Walter Claude Snyder .The Flues model single barrel trap guns and the “two bolt” hammer guns are also numbered within this series. As far as I know, H&R and NEF both offered the single shot shotguns as they are owned by the same parent company.

The FFL is then required to send information about "used" guns acquired in the previous year, "including the manufacturer/importer, model, caliber or gauge and serial number along with the acquisition date...

And all of that is a key determination of just how much data is available, and how much people can twist and present it to serve their respective argument.

For example, according to data on the categorical situations in which firearms were recovered in 2016, 12 guns were collected at abortions.

Please note that these statistics only identify firearms recovered, and not those in circulation.

Data points help determine what category of conduct it was recovered in and multiple other realms that may aid law enforcement.

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There is only one federal facility authorized to run gun serial number checks to trace firearms recovered at the scene of a crime.

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