Dating good or bad

What makes a good or bad date is how it makes you feel.Listen to your gut, it will always tell you the truth about someone.Short answer: Speed dating makes a mockery out of real dating.Long answer: In order to be successful in speed dating, you need to be an expert at speed seduction.

For the most part, real life does not work like that.

Despite rumors to the contrary, dating is not like a job interview where you can tell within the first 2 minutes that this is "the one" - and if you think that's the case, then you way too gullible and I wouldn't want to date you anyways.

To make matters worse, these events are set up in a way that it's really hard to even attempt to get to know one another.

go ahead, kiss a lot of frogs, and, one day, you WILL find your happily ever after. You can always Ask Single Dating Diva a confidential dating question on

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TV romanticizes the concept that speed dating is cut and dry.

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  1. The combination of these aspects, alongside the SAT, is a more valid measure of the applicant’s potential for graduation, later social involvement, and generosity (alumni giving) toward the alma mater.