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Argentina has the third-largest Jewish community in the Americas after the United States and Canada, and the sixth largest in the world.

According to recent surveys, more than a million Argentines have at least one grandparent of Jewish ethnicity.

By the late 16th century, fully functioning Jewish communities were founded in the Portuguese colony of Brazil, the Dutch Suriname and Curaçao; Spanish Santo Domingo, and the English colonies of Jamaica and Barbados.

In addition, there were unorganized communities of Jews in Spanish and Portuguese territories where the Inquisition was active, including Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Peru.

However, throughout the 15th and 16th centuries a number of Converso families migrated to the Netherlands, France and eventually Italy, from where they joined other expeditions to the Americas.

Others migrated to England or France and accompanied their colonists as traders and merchants.

But none for those Jewish dating singles living a Christian lifestyle While there are no specific internet Jewish dating sites at this time for this particular Jewish dating niche, there is still some good news.

Because the databases of most of the top Christian dating services are so large, it fairly easy to find a Jewish single girl or guy who is also a Christian.

More immigrants went to this region as part of the massive emigration of Jews from eastern Europe in the late 19th century.They are concentrated in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, with the first considered the center of the Jewish population in Latin America.Jews fleeing the Inquisition settled in Argentina, where they intermarried with native women.In fact, Christian Cafe actually has a section geared specifically for Messianic singles.Also, I found one site, Messianic Jewish, that has a mailing list specifically geared to Jewish dating believers.

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