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She picks up one of the books that I checked from the library and frowns slightly before looking at me with an raised eyebrow."Anna, why do you have so many books on hockey? We have most of our classes together and I don't know about any research paper so you want to try this again" Tiana deadpanned."I'm reading all of these books because I want to make sure that Elsa doesn't get hurt" I said sighing."You know that she's going to get hurt regardless of how much you read up on the sport.Hockey can get pretty nasty at times and I am sure that Elsa knows that already" Tiana said smiling sympathetically."But maybe if I knew the rule better than maybe I can protect her somehow""Anna, Elsa is a big girl and I don't think that you can protect from the guys on the opposing team hitting her.I wasn't there like I should've been and I know that I don't deserve the hockey player's forgiveness but it's worth a shot.I set my book down on my nightstand before slipping my shoes on and heading out to the door.I'm going to work hard to truly earn it as well as her trust back because I know that she's worth it."Thank you, Elsa.I missed you" I said smiling."I missed you too" Elsa said pulling me into a hug."I'm going to try something but I need you to trust me" I said pulling away.

" I asked surprised."Yeah, sometimes friend drift apart and it wasn't entirely your fault.I'm sure that she knows what she's doing and you're going have to trust her judgment" Tiana said taking the book from me."I don't know, Tiana.I just want to protect her because I know that I haven't been the friend that I should have been" I said looking down in ashamed."So you're reading these books because you're feeling guilty about how you've been treating Elsa?I'm just really sore since I just finished practice an hour ago" Elsa said massaging her shoulder."How get you that bruise? I stand up to leave before I make a bigger fool out of myself but I'm stopped by something grabbing my wrist." I asked frowning."No comment" Elsa replied."Elsa""My name's Benedict and I ain't in" Elsa said shaking her head."Elsa, tell me" I pleaded."What do you want from me? I looked to see the hockey player's hand around my wrist and I stared at me with a confused look."Anna, I'm sorry.

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