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Look, I am swimming in financial debt right now due to health issues, and I would never, ever, ask a woman – even a girlfriend of 12 months – to help me with my credit card bills. I would also advise you to avoid all sexual contact if you want to committed relationship until there is not only commitment, but a high level of communication, emotional intimacy and trust. You’ve just done the most intimate thing you can do with a person, and you don’t even know the dude. I believe in that concept so much that I would even offer a pre nup agreement that she is not responsible for my debts. One of the major problems with having “physical intimacy” too early on in the relationship is that it confuses the relationship.I got stung by a woman who after 5 months of breaking up with her fiancee was STILL rebounding. Try not to be too emotional at an early stage of dating.I could tell that she was making irrational decisions and getting way too physical with me because she was desperate for a man to make her feel sexy again. It sounds like you’re rebounding in a major way from your previous relationship. Usually relationships that are too fast, won’t last. I wouldn’t pay for a guy’s things until way into a relationship.There were cues that she wanted to kiss me and I stopped myself for respect purposes idk..go on another date and this time it gets real physical.Fast forward to our third date, we talk about life and everything is dandy and on the way driving her home she's clutched to my arm as I'm driving thinking this is gonna work out.“I don’t want to develop more feelings” and “not wanting to lead you on”.

So I'm confused, not sure what the heck happened and I just picked her brain to see what's up. We leave it at that and she goes away for a week and basically ignores a bunch of my snaps so I text her asking if she's okay with me sending her snaps and she said she wasn't sure of my intention and doesn't want to lead me on.I never thought it was a kind thing for her to do in the heat of the moment but looking back, it seems like it was best for us both.Something with her but I have a hunch that you might have come off too strong as well? Perhaps let her cool down a bit and give her time to miss your adventures?I do like her as a friend and we've already talked but there's something just different about it now. Maybe I can keep her around in the event that she comes around. I just can't help but think about that moment she grabbed my arm as if it was something she couldn't have now :(... She transferred in from another school and broke up with some dude.I really do like this outlook on the situation, thank you for that.

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I think she's smart, cute and real easy to talk to and she reciprocates the same about me.

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