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Some black girls still describe their dark skin as being “less attractive” and even “ugly” in comparison with African American girls who have fairer, lighter skin.The brown paper bag phenomenon created a hierarchy within the African American race.Blacks who were lighter than the brown paper bag were able to work in the house and received “better” treatment than the other slaves.House slaves were seen as “better than.” I believe this initial separation of our race led to the detrimental impact that skin tone has on black girls with dark skin even today.Other dark-skinned friends say that they will only date light-skinned men.Finally, my friends, who are both light-skinned and dark-skinned, say, “She’s cute to be dark.” Because of the preferential treatment that African Americans with light skin received from both blacks and whites, it conveyed the message that the more blacks conformed to white attributes, the better their lives would be.I grew up in a low-income housing project on the South Side of Chicago.I faced many challenges as a young girl in this homogenous and sometimes destructive community.

During these times, slave owners created the “paper bag” theory, which separated the black race further.Of the many things I experienced while growing up poor, I’d like to raise some awareness of how black girls continue to suffer within culture because of a low acceptance of their dark skin tone.This article focuses on “dark-skinned” African American girls.But 150 years post-slavery, young black women continue to carry the weight of feeling unloved and not beautiful simply because of the variance in their brown skin.‘You’re cute to be dark’ I remember the first time I heard someone say this to me. A light-skinned young man told me and one of my close friends who also has brown skin that we were “lucky” because we were “cute to be dark.” My mouth dropped open when I heard those words.

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