Dating jerk warning

Maybe he stopped calling me and letting me know where he was. It’s hard not to get upset when the guy you thought was perfect starts treating you like crap.

I remember crying myself to sleep more times than I could count. I would remember everything I said or done wrong and start to feel like I was at fault for his new behavior.

How would you ever have a happy and healthy relationship?

If you are just looking to get into as many relationships as possible, then you probably don’t give a crap and are fine with everything above.

They are teaching them how to play games with women and how to manipulate them in a way that makes them want them – even if they don’t understand why.

I got to tell you, that manipulation will work with many women.

If you don’t have a moral compass and care how other people feel, then you probably don’t give a crap either.

But, if you are looking for a real relationship, then you have to ask yourself – Is that really how you want to make a woman feel?

Guys who manipulate you are saying ALL the right things to you, so it’s no wonder that I thought THIS guy was the perfect guy for me. All of a sudden, he started acting a little different. But, no matter what it was, the guy that had won me over was starting to change for the worse, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Do you want to know how a woman might feel when you mistreat her? I’ve dated guys who have cheated on me, lied to me, used me, and mentally abused me.

The sad truth is that all of my friends have been in at least one relationship where a guy played with them in some way.

This feels like you are out of control and off your rocker, but you can’t help it because you are so desperate to get back the guy you once knew.

You can only live in the energy of crazy for so long. There comes a point where you realize that no matter what you do, that guy you once knew is gone.

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The sadder truth is that some of them are still in a relationship like that.

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