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While regular soldiers wore what looks like a scarf that was tucked into their suit of armor, officers wore elaborately tied neckcloths.

So more than 300 years before Trajan’s legionaries wore scarves the Chinese had already used neckwear and, therefore, we know the Romans were not the first ones to wear a scarf.

It is believed that the Terracotta Army wore scarves to prevent irritation from their armor as well as to protect them from the cold.

Traditionally, it is common practice to give a silk or white cotton scarf to people of a certain socioeconomic standing when visiting a temple or shrine.

Since the population of Huang’s time had been decimated by war, it was decided to send along terracotta warriors into to the tomb instead of real soldiers.

Surprisingly, these soldiers wore broad scarves wrapped around their necks as you can see in the pictures.

As such, it is unclear if the French or the Germans were the first to adopt it.

During the thirty years war, the troops descending from Croatia, Hungary and Bosnia were all known as Croats.

They were mercenaries, willing to enter battle and fight on behalf of the highest bidder.

Legend has it that the scarf as we know it today was introduced by the Romans based on the Column of Trajan, which can be found close to the Piazza Venezia in Rome.

The column was erected by Marcus Ulpius Traianus in the year 113 AD, and it features a scarf that was called a “focal,” which is unusual.

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