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The nature of your relationship or hope for it are the most useful criteria for deciding whether to tell and when to talk about your HIV status.

You may consider it very important to be as open and trusting as possible.

Not rare cases of meetings in the network of their beloved ones, which will be interesting to communicate in real life.

Do not miss the opportunity to find like-minded people!

These resources are completely free, which is a big advantage.

But the warning that you are HIV positive is a mental and physical concern about who you would like to become closer to.

For some people, it can be difficult when, after safe sex, you reveal your HIV status to a partner.

A partner may experience a baseless, but nonetheless real fear of the risk of infection.

Think about this conversation on the first or second date.

This will give your partner time to soberly weigh the pros and cons before your relationship continues to develop.

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Think about how you will end the conversation in this case.

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