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However, beyond titles of overwhelming international repercussion—from (Picard, 2013) as a separate category for the critique of Japanese video games.

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Its industry, they wrote, "emerged out of corporate sponsorships in arcades, toys and consumer electronics industries and drew skill from the comic book and animated-film sectors" (p. These dynamics can be easily traced to the "Japanese media convergence" (Steinberg, 2012, p.

viii) or, or production committees, is the living proof of it.

Later, since the constitution of profitable markets based on the personal computer and the home console—with Nintendo’s Famicom as its flagship—the Japanese video game industry has been in the vanguard of the development of a globalized, multinational industry.

Martin Picard (2013) acknowledged the reputation of Japanese video games and criticized that the studies on the Japanese game industry are often tied to "the development of a global and hybrid industry" without considering "the specific development of the industry on Japanese territory".

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Now…you still have time to escape.” (感情会将人诱导入陷阱。现在…你还来得及逃走) Bai Qi 白起, a special policeman: I will never leave you in danger. (我不会让你陷入危险,只要你在风里,我就能找到你) Zhou Qiluo 周棋洛, a superstar: For you, I need to be in a higher place.

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