Dating software

The entire browsing to matching process is made simple with the ‘Swipe & Match’ functionality, and our own unique features to improve user experience on the online dating software platform.

Browse through potential dates, view their profile info, like/reject or super-like users and report fake users profiles etc.

The date is finalized when the other party confirms.

Datum would not be best dating software for your online dating business if not for the UI features & in-app monetization features.

We implement Jira for project management, Bitbucket for version control, Slack for monitoring and communication, Skype for conferences and quick chats, Scrum board/Sprints for task management and Crashyltics/for bug reporting etc.

Distributed database with high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution that is built in and easy to use.

We do not use any third-party servers(such as Quickblocks & Twipo).

Our servers are self-hosted stun and turn servers with Web RTC functionality.

If its is a physical date, users can specify a time & location.

If it is a virtual date, users can specify a time for their audio/video call.

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