Dating someone with bad credit

She might have an OK score, but if she has Six-figure debt on a do-nothing degree she's already disqualified herself. Another thing to consider about debt: A debt is a legal contract between you and the lender that says that you HAVE TO PAY.

once you've entered that discussion by definition you've realized many around you are stunted entirely, if not mad ... Every single girl I meet has a stack of unpaid bills, parking tickets, they're making minimum payments on credit cards, they have expired food in the fridge, expired car insurance, tons of student debt, are renting instead of owning... If having bad credit was an actual dealbreaker that would eliminate over half the country as eligible.

If it's a soft science major (gender studies, liberal arts, etc.) then it's cash or nothing.

If you're buying a car, the price shouldn't exceed .

“Finances, education, and job prospects all factor into the value of a potential mate,” he says.

“Assuming that people can actually interpret a credit score meaningfully, it makes sense they would think a credit score is useful in evaluating mate value.” People are combining their finances when they marry, after all, and that can impact their future happiness.

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“Too many women are still overly-focused on their romantic partner’s holdings.

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  1. Plus, everyone has their own tips and stories, so sharing those with someone at the Park is pretty awesome. And lots of people have dated, and got married, and had babies… That might mean finding someone to get to know and build a relationship with… With the hope and expectation of a meaningful and magical long term relationship.