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In addition, a Coptic fragment from Cairo, dating back to the 5 but was dismayed that some of its liturgy wasn’t there.Similarly, Protestants, pleased to see these omissions, did not like the emphasis on what they saw as ‘works of righteousness’, such as fasting twice a week.Indeed ‘The Training’ is a better title than ‘The Teaching’, as the Nevertheless, as a whole it displays a unity across its structure, with a flow of topics which may indicate a comprehensive step-by-step programme for Gentile converts to become full disciples.The layout allows the recipient to progress slowly from introductory material to more complex rituals of daily living and community.These linguistic clues suggest the following four sections (though some split the third into two parts, making five in total): Section 1 refers to two ‘ways’: the Way of Life and the Way of Death.These two paths would have already been well-known from Scripture (e.g. The Way of Life concerns one’s relationship with God as well as one’s relationships with other people.

Phrases or topic sentences are repeated to signal the beginning of new portions and summary statements are used to bring blocks of material to a close.clearly represents a time before Christianity became separated from Judaism.Nothing in it indicates the later ‘parting of the ways’.Known as Codex Hierosolymitanus 54, it now resides in the library of the Greek Orthodox patriarchate in Jerusalem.In 1922 two Greek fragments were found in Egypt which were textually very close to that found in Istanbul, thus verifying its accuracy.

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