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92 stitches) and divide by the number of increases to be made (e.g. In this example, increase by making 1 yarn over after approx. On the next round work the yarn overs twisted to avoid holes.

INCREASE TIP-2 (for sides of body): Work until there are 2 stitches left before the marker thread, make 1 yarn over, knit 4 (marker thread sits between these 4 stitches) make 1 yarn over (= 2 stitches increased at each marker thread; 4 stitches increased on round).

On the next round work the yarn overs twisted to avoid holes. DECREASE TIP-1 (for sleeves): Decrease 1 stitch on each side of the marker thread as follows: Work until there are 3 stitches left before the marker thread, knit 2 together, knit 2 (marker thread sits between these 2 stitches), slip 1 stitch as if to knit, knit 1 and pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch.

------------------------------------------------------- START THE PIECE HERE: ------------------------------------------------------- DRESS – SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE PIECE: The piece is worked in the round with circular needle, top down.

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