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7: You see some potential for her to be a good wife or mother, but she needs to work on consistency. 9: You feel blessed to have found such a sexy bitch. I felt strongly for her, but was very hesitant to do what was required to take the relationship to the next level.

6: She’d reluctantly go to the drug store to buy you medicine if you were sick. 1: It would take her a while to notice you died in your sleep. 8: She makes you slightly more jealous than you normally would thanks to her irresistible feminine allure. 5: Studying her movements wouldn’t get your dick hard. The reason, as I found out, was because she scored a 66, which is just above the cut-off for a mere open relationship.

One problem players experience with dating women besides getting actual sex is deciding which ones they should invest time into for more serious relationships.

The girl score is a tool to help you determine if a girl is worthy of fuck buddy status, casual dating, something more, or nothing at all.

It is calculated not only after you’ve had sex with a girl but have also gone on with her, a long-enough time length where you can reliably rate her merits.

By the third date you should have a very clear idea of who the girl is, where it’s unlikely she’ll still be hiding any of her strengths (girls show their best traits first, as probably you do, too). I’ve narrowed it down to five things, each of which is rated on a scale of 1-10: Attractiveness. While you can become desensitized to it, you cannot become desensitized to ugliness—you merely tolerate it because you have no other option. Now I want you think of all the girls you went on at least three dates with.

Note that a guy’s score can increase in time, since girl’s rate us on categories such as stability and interestingness, but unfortunately a girl’s score can only go down.

3: She seems to get more looks from lesbians than heterosexual men. I therefore did not make the investment, and can sleep well knowing it was the best decision. The girl score doesn’t care if you’re lonely, coming off a bad sexless streak, or exceptionally horny—it will objectively tell you what you need to do.At this current stage of my life, I doubt I can get higher than a 75.This is fine for me since a 73 or higher will absolutely give me happiness, but it does cut it quite close.In short order, it tells us the how strong a claim or null hypothesis is. Or will it be rejected in favor of the alternative hypothesis? As you fire up the Excel, check out the original tutorial below by You Tube user meaniefiene.While it's seen using an older version of Excel, the function works the exact same way on newer versions, no matter if you're using Excel on a Windows or Mac computer.

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The 1-10 system is a pretty reliable way to rate the attractiveness of women.

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