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Usually, I am conservative about bringing people into my social circles, but I have had a lot of wine from a plastic mug; and I’m wearing sweatpants; and restricting oneself can be awfully exhausting, so I decide it is all right. p.m.: It’s dark now, and we leave to find food in Chinatown before the party.

L insists on going to a Michelin-star restaurant and sitting at the bar and eating oysters.

L has been sending me a myriad of text messages since last week, and I’m curious to meet him in person and find out if he’s a sociopath or just very honest. a.m.: He’s wearing glasses and has a glass of rosé in front of him in the window seat.

I outweigh him by approximately 24 pounds and have at least 24 times as much hair.

It may have something to do with the wine we are drinking from short plastic mugs.

I ask for sweatpants. p.m.: He quotes an internet meme but doesn’t acknowledge it as such and tries to spin it as his original joke and then begins throwing books at me.

I don’t think it’s funny.11: 21 p.m.: No one has a cigarette, and after an hour, L asks if we can leave. I’ve already said yes before knowing if it’s what I actually want. a.m.: Dead streets, and I’m on my way home.

I try to scoop her up, but she would rather not be held, and I get it. p.m.: I’m not sure why I feel so comfortable.HIM: How long did it take you to grow your hair out like that? David Corey is a 22-year-old student who lives in the west end. The four of us didn’t even talk about hanging out after getting tacos like we’d planned to, we just went back to the car and headed out. It also flashed through my mind that if we started going out, I would have to warn my friends that Madison’s voice was different than you might expect, so be prepared. It was like she was avoiding talking so the focus wouldn’t be on her voice. I couldn’t believe how fast I had messed up the date. Based on how quickly her face had changed, from smiling and saying nice to meet you, to totally flat and dead-eyed, I assumed that someone must have said the same kind of thing to her before.

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One of the hottest girls I knew in high school asked me out after we graduated. When the three of them picked me up at my place, my first thought when I hopped in the car was that Madison was even better looking than she was in her photos.

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