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Finally, the suit replaced her damaged nervous system, giving her the ability to move about as before.

Now calling herself CIRCUIT BREAKER, she set out on a mission of reveange against all Transformers who would hurt her or any other human.

Eventually Circuit Breaker's anger ran out of steam essentially.

And worse, Optimus Prime threatened her with his cannon, for being a threat to this troops.

It was there, also, where she met and came to care about the tiny Autobot named Tonka.

This pushed her to the status of being Public Enemy #1 in some places, including the United States, for a long time.

He then tossed it back at the rig, and the ensuing electrical surge paralyzed Beller from the neck down, except for some movement in her right hand.

After this incident, she created a bodysuit capable of storing and channeling enormous amounts of electrical energy.

This caught her unaware, and when it shorted the defense system, it put a nearly fatal shock through her system, paralyzing her.

The raid continued, and the Cons made off with every speck of oil they could get from it before the Autobots arrived.

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She designed, among other things, an advanced oil rig, complete with defensive systems.

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