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Indis- pensable is NEUE'S Formenlehre der lateinischen Sprache, of which the second volume of the third edition has already appeared (1892) and the first parts of the third volume (1894), under the careful revision of WAGENEE; also GEOEGES' Lexikon der lateinischen Wortformen (1890). xv.) A bibliography of the treatises on Prosody and Versification may be found in GLEDITSCH'S treatise in the second volume of MULLER'S Handbuch ; this, with PLESSIS' Metrique Orecque et Latine (1889), has been made the basis of the chapter on Prosody ; but in the treatment of early metres, regard has been had to KLOTZ (Altromische JUetrik, 1890), and to LINDSAY'S recent papers on the Saturnian in the A. MULLER ; fragmentary Scenic Poets from the edition of RIBBECK. Also, imber, shower, linter, skiff, fiter, bag, venter, belly, which were probably vowel stems originally (see 45, R. For the Formation of Words and the relation of Latin forms to those of the related languages we have HENRY'S Precis de Grammaire Com- paree and BRUGMANN'S Grundriss der vergleichenden Grammatik, both now accessible in translations. Special care has been taken to make the quotations exact both in spelling and wording ; and any variation in the spelling of individual words is therefore due to the texts from which the examples are drawn. Most polysyllabic mute stems change their final vowel i into e in the Nominative. Before s a P-mute is retained, a K-mute combines with it to form x, a T-mute is dropped. All masculines and feminines of mute stems have s in the Nominative. -eps, -ipis : princeps, chief, and fourteen others.

GILDERSLEEVE'S LATIN GBAMMAE Vov \ GILDERSLEEVE'S LATIN GRAMMAR THIRD EDITION, REVISED AND ENLARGED BY B. GILDERSLEEVE PROFESSOR OP GREEK IN THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY AND GONZALEZ LODGE ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OP LATIN IN BRYN MAWR COLLEGE 3Lont0n M ACM ILL AN AND CO., LIMITED 1903 PREFACE. THE following supplementary note may serve to embody a partial bibliography of the more important works used in this revision, and some necessary explanations of the method : Fairly complete bibliographies of works on Latin Etymology and Syntax may be found in REISIG'S Vorlesungen uber lateinische Sprachwissenschaft (new edition, by HAGEN, SCHMALZ, and LANDGRAF, 1881-1888), and in the Lateinische Grammatik of STOLZ and SCHMALZ (in MULLER'S Handbuch der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft; 3d edition, 1890). -nx, -nds : lanx, dish ; compounds of -uux, as quincunx, and a few names of animals ; phalanx has G. -as, -atis : many feminine abstracts, as aetas, age ; some proper names, as Maecenas. On these, in connection with SCHWEIZER- SIDLEE, the chapter on the Formation of Words has been based. and ix.), containing a discussion of the earlier Literature ; ELMER'S articles on the Latin Prohibitive in A. Where it has been necessary to modify the quotations in order to make them suitable for citation, we have enclosed within square brackets words occurring in different form in the text, and in paren- theses words that have been inserted ; where the passage would not yield to such treatment, Cf. We have not thought it necessary to add the references in the Prosody except in the case of some of the citations from early Latin. In the historical treatment of the Syntax we must still rely in large measure on DRAEGER'S Historische Syntax der lateinischen Sprache (2d edition, 1878, 1881), faulty and inaccurate though it often is : many of the false statements have been corrected on the basis of more recent individual studies by SCHMALZ ; but even SCHMALZ is not always correct, and many statements of his treatise have been silently emended in the present book. In the spelling of Latin words used out of quotation, as a rule u and v have been followed by o rather than by u ; but here the require- ments of clearness and the period of the language have often been allowed to weigh.

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