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Charred animal bones and ash were found inside this depression.Belonging to the later level was a monumental altar, measuring 23 by 30 feet and 10 feet tall, with a 23-foot long ramp leading up to it.Hawkins concludes that these sites are “unique and appear to have been built by semi-nomads who used a pottery repertoire similar to that of the new population group that entered Canaan from the east at this time [Iron Age I].” The foot-shaped sites may have served as gathering places for the semi-nomads, and it is possible that they had a cultic purpose as well—similar to the Mt. Since the pottery at the foot-shaped sites matches the pottery of the new population entering Canaan—a group that some have identified as the Israelites—some believe that these foot-shaped sites are Israelite settlements.As noted above, these sites are also called because of the term’s connotation as a gathering place.Other than this common name and similar function—as gathering places—is there a deeper connection between the mysterious foot-shaped sites in the Jordan Valley and the Biblical mentioned in the Bible and if they provide evidence of the Israelites settling the Promised Land.Perhaps future archaeological discoveries will settle the matter, but for now these sites remain a mystery.What irked him even more was that Paul was stating to attract the attention of some of the Freshman girls that Matt had designated in his own mind for his big fat dick.

For decades, archaeologists have debated the purpose of these sites and the identity of their builders—with some suggesting that these sites were built by the Israelites entering the Promised Land and settling it. Hawkins, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Averett University, addresses these varying interpretations in his article “Israelite Footprints: Has Adam Zertal Found the Biblical Altar on Mt.

For a more in-depth treatment of this subject, read the full article by Ralph K.

Hawkins—“Israelite Footprints: Has Adam Zertal Found the Biblical Altar on Mt.

The altar can be divided into two strata—both dated to the Iron Age I.

The earlier level was built on bedrock and had a depression in its middle.

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Further, many now accept the cultic nature of the Mt. Israeli archaeologist Amihai Mazar writes, “Zertal may be wrong in the details of his interpretation, but it is tempting to accept his view concerning the basic cultic nature of the site and its possible relationship to the Biblical tradition.” The purpose of the other foot-shaped sites has also been debated.

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