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This method uses the LINQ syntax to query the Data Source based on the parameter that was passed in.

Now looks like we already have some sample source of data to work on.

He believes that success depends on one's ability to integrate multiple technologies to solve a simple as well as complicated problem.

Can anyone please suggest things can cause a dropdown box to stop causing a postback?

Introduction: This question has been asked many times at the forums ( and definitely there are already bunch of different solutions provided.

Most of the examples from the web are using Data Source controls (e.g Sql Data Source, Object Data Source, etc..) to implement cascading Drop Down List in Grid View and I can’t seem to find a formal example that demonstrate how to implement it without using Data Source controls.

Note that you need to set Auto Post Back to TRUE for the Drop Down List to trigger the Selected Index Changed event.

The 4th and 5th columns are Bound Fields which holds the Price and Quantity fields.

The Product Order class is where we store the list of orders the user has chosen.The first column is a Bound Field which holds the Product Order ID field.You may notice that we set this field as the Data Key Name in the Grid View so we can easily reference the ID of the row later on.Note: Before you proceed, make sure that you already know the basics of using the Grid View control and how to bind it with data as I will not include the details of doing edit,update or delete scenarios for this exercise.Scenario: As a recap, Cascading Drop Down List enables a common scenario in which the contents of one list depends on the selection of another list.

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Now let’s go ahead and fill these class with some sample data.

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