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The information includes the client's IP address and information about network services that are available to the client.DHCP evolved from an earlier protocol, BOOTP, which was designed for booting over a TCP/IP network.Oracle Solaris DHCP offers the following advantages: You must first install and configure the DHCP server.During configuration, you specify information about the network that clients need to operate on the network.Generally, the DHCP server is configured to start automatically when the system boots, and to stop when the system is shut down.You should not need to start and stop the server manually under normal conditions.You need to use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client i.e., dhclient command.

You can export and import the entire content of a data store, or just some of the data within it, using DHCP Manager or the Note – Any database or file format can be used for DHCP data storage if you develop your own code module to provide an interface between Oracle Solaris DHCP (server and management tools) and the database.While configuring the DHCP service, you choose the type of data store to be used.The section Choosing the DHCP Data Store describes the differences between the types of data stores.This chapter also describes the advantages of using DHCP in your network.This chapter contains the following information: The DHCP protocol enables host systems in a TCP/IP network to be configured automatically for the network as the systems boot. Servers store and manage configuration information for clients and provide that information upon a client's request.

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Some cable ISPs require their clients to notify the server if they wish to release an assigned IP address.

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