Disadvantages of internet dating

I was turned off, didn’t care to see him for date #2.

There really isn’t much room to describe much about yourself sometimes.

I haven’t had any success finding a guy close to “Mr.

Right” so I’ll just leave it to meeting friends through friends or have the casual run-in. Like I said there’s a mobile app I use and I can casually flip through pictures/ profiles and message them at my leisure.

I use a mobile app and it’s limited because well since the screen is so small so you have to really hit the best points to get someone’s attention.

Online dating for gay men has been a popular way to mingle but not get a serious relationship out of it.

They will wait till they target the perfect victim.

When men get too serious about their profiles it’s also a bit overwhelming.

Like I met a nice guy from e Harmony because his profile info seemed pretty basic but turns ou he was WAY more into the sports and “social drinking” than what he said online.

Since it’s become so popular to just sign up and browse through profiles, it might just be a tool and less of a catalyst guys are using to take advantage of meeting people.

Nobody’s doing it right so I think we’re all in trial mode haha Exactly.

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And if you happen to be an elderly person seeking some romantic relationship over the internet, then it can be a bit difficult.

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